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 Well...this "bubba'd" action can only be improved upon.  In the second photo, I've cut the back end off, thrown it away and added a rear portion from a rather distressed 98 Mauser and am getting everything in position to begin welding.  This is going to end up as a short action (Kurz type) for the caliber 250/3000. 
bubba d 1 bubba d 2 
After carefully figuring out how much to shorten the bolt, it was "bored and sleeved" and then silver soldered. 
progress 3   progress 4

Here, I'm starting to modify the bottom metal to fit.
progress 5  

Here is the final result, all barreled up with hardware, ready to stock

This REALLY bubba'd action was given to me. Someone had tried to fill in the thumb cut by arc welding and the bridge was "reshaped" By and by, a Kurz sized action was needed for a 250 Savage project and this one came to mind. I cut off the rear end and mated it to a sad 98 that was actually pretty clean on the back end.

The superb rings were made years ago by Jim Wisner and are properly threaded left and right. My Burgess handle, my bottom metal and a new product, the Brno style rear sight. The oversize guard screws are un heat treated 4350.. can be easily shaped and hardened (after engraving?).

Stock will be on the order of pre-war Mauser.

bubbad 1

bubbad 2

bubbad 3

bubbad 4
Starting to Look Like a Stock.
              Final Shape Pretty Well Established
progress 7
Here we out master lines for checkering.


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