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The buttplate shape we offer is inspired by the Mannlicher design of yesteryear.  They have a slightly deeper crown and wider toe than current offerings.  You will be amazed at the comfort even on rifles with a stiff recoil.

We furnish instructions, allen head installation slave screws and an extra attachment screw.

A first class installation requires a fairly high degree of experience and skill.

These are fully machined from bar stock, finely checkered with plenty of room for engraving.

Cost: $145.00


Trap Door Buttplates 


We are offering these long awaited trap door buttplates. Like the non trap door version, these are fully machined from bar stock.

Cost is $360.00 for plain and $390.00 for striated version. With proper programming, a checkered version should also come in a $390.00.

Quantities are very limited.