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Followers are specifically designed  for our box dimension.  As sold, the lip on the top platform prevents the follower from interfering with bolt cycling.  Should this feature be undesirable, such as on a Dangerous Game Rifle, simply grind away the lip.

MAG - For 5M, 4MJ, 5MX, 6MX:   $49

M70 - For "XRM" Conversion or to replace original plastic "classic" M-70:  $49

Guard Screws (set of 2) heat treated alloy extra deep head, longer depth:  $12 ppd

Magazine Springs to replace any M-70 or M-98:  $27

This is a new product designed especially for the 404 family of cartridges such as, of course, the 404 Jeff, 375 and 416 Ruger.  They fit our magazine boxes and are made of 1018 alloy.  Cost is $65.00. 

 To order, please call (253) 535-0066 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..