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We offer three styles of floorplates--Standard, Pocket and Rigby.

The Pocket style has a recess .155" deep and will usually allow one extra round.  The Rigby style has a pocket .360" deep and is usually used on large, fat cases like the 500 Jeffery.  The combinations are almost endless. Other than standard generates an extra charge.

The right combination can allow sleek stock lines without the extra bulk of a drop style, but still have an extra round capacity.

A customer in Australia needed a six shot 98 Mauser in 375 H&H to compete in a "Big Game" shooting contest.  We installed a pocket style floorplate on a drop box frame to create a five-round magazine with plenty of compression room to single-load a 6th round in the chamber.

Call us for your special needs!

Duane Wiebe hand-made this two barrel set for an SCI auction in 1987 for a commemerative two barrel set named "Masters Dedication to the African Hunter".

Pocket Style*                          $125
Coffin (Rigby) Style*              $375

*Note that these special floorplates are a extra cost option

To order, please call (253) 535-0066 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..