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3006 class, Standard Depth

MM (Mexican)



Short Mag – 7mm Rem, 338 Win., etc., Standard Depth


Long Mag - 300/375/400 H&H, Standard Depth (4 rounds)

5M (4 Rounds)

375/416 Ruger, Standard Depth


Short Mag – 7mm Rem, 338 Win., etc., Extra Deep (5 rounds)
2MX will hold 6 rounds 06 to 9.3 x 62, you can use the same follower.


300/375 H&H (5 rounds), Extra Deep


500 Jeffery (3 rounds)
*Does not require a special (extra length) trigger)

6MX 4+1

500 Jeffery
4 down plus one in the chamber bottom metal.
Uses the standard trigger to keep stock lines within normal configuration



We have redesigned the floorplate, box dimension and follower to accommodate
(4) 404 Jeffery rounds in the magazine. This unit is now furnished with a pocket floorplate to give plenty of compression room for single loading.

Below is MM unit on a Mexican Mauser. Action not included.


Mexican Swede Bottommetal


To order, please call (253) 535-0066 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..