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At Custom Gun & Rifle, we offer a variety of bottommetal types.  Please click the links below for bottommetal availability.


Making bottom metal is not exactly as brand new idea.   We examined what was available.  There were castings.  There was bottom metal that was a bit overly modernistic.  The use of leaded material or structural steel is common. 

Leaded material does not hold rust bluing well and structural steel can be full of voids or inclusions. 

All Model 70 bottom metal is delivered as a frame only and is to be used with factory magazine box or in the case of our 4W, the frame is designed for our "XRM box"  We do not make Model 70 bottom metal with an integral magazine box.

We designed the trigger guard shape inspired by the golden age custom rifles. There is a little more room for larger hands.  The magazine boxes are sized  to specific cartridges.   There are no welds  or soldered joints.  Each unit is made from a billet of alloy 1018 steel.   Or, where appropriate, stainless or aluminum. 

Most importantly, we back our products with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

We offer three styles of floorplates--Standard, Pocket and Rigby.  More information

At CGRS, we use the respected low carbon steel known as alloy 1018.  More about Bottommetal materials

To order, please call (253) 535-0066 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..